Hello Readers,  

As a second daughter of a second daughter of a second daughter, most of my youth was
spent looking up to and admiring an older sister who sang, danced, cheered and wowed
family.  I chose books.  I lived in the time and place, became the characters and lived the
stories.  Books and movies are still a delightful escape for me.  I enjoy reading all genres, but
the ones that inspired me to write were by Helen Van Slyke and Taylor Caldwell.

*Writing and politics are my passions.  My stories are a reflection of my faith, interests, hopes
and dreams.
Writing often takes a back seat to my family.  As many of us “Wonder Women” who shuffle the
cards every day to do the tasks that fill our lives, as I grow older, changing needs of the
people I love and the things I want to do, must be prioritized.  Writing happens early in the
morning when concentration and time can be tapped into.  It's "my time".  I dream about my
characters and allow my imagination to run with current events changing them and their
future, much as it does our own.  Women who find their inner strength make compelling
characters.  I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I do in telling the stories of my
fictional heroines.  

Thank you for honoring me with your precious time and money.  Check out my writing on
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